From documentation, links and coordination of administrative operations. Everything a Freight Forwarder can offer

Finding a good freight forwarder is crucial to the success of your business. Whether you're looking for information on choosing a freight forwarder or just trying to figure out exactly what they do, Logistica OMMS, C.A has you covered with The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Us as Freight Forwarders and Understanding the Freight Forwarding Industry.

You may know everything about your business, the best tools, even the latest consumer buying habits. But most likely the load will surprise you. There's a lot of that going around. You need a trusted ally in the transport industry, an agent working on your behalf.

There are probably more than 100,000 freight forwarding companies around the world. It seems like there are many options to choose from. However, that is rarely the case in an industry that is often described as opaque, meaning that customers get little visibility into pricing and service levels.

Logistica OMMS, C.A will provide you with the requirements you need in relation to good service and economic costs.

Consider Logistica OMMS as your International Freight Partner

We combine personal customer service with a professional and highly experienced team to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your cargo is being handled by a business partner interested in the success of your business. After all, if you don't succeed, neither do we.

We can help minimize obstacles to international trade such as customs clearance, delivery to the final destination, and other common difficulties of transporting goods overseas so that your business can benefit from getting your cargo on time the first time.

Freight forwarding is the service that most shippers use to organize freight shipments. Freight forwarders are the experts who understand how the end-to-end shipping process works. Think of them as freight travel agents.

Las cargas vienen en muchas formas y tamaños. Algunos de los transportistas más pequeños son esencialmente empresas de transporte por carretera o corredores de transporte por carretera y no están involucrados en el transporte de carga internacional. Algunos se especializan como agentes de carga marítima o como agentes de carga aérea. Los agentes de carga pequeños generalmente limitan su alcance a unos pocos países populares donde tienen una relación de trabajo con un agente de carga local. En el otro extremo de la escala, los grandes transitarios son esencialmente transitarios globales.

When it comes to shipping, here is a short list of what freight forwarders services may provide:

Freight forwarders prepare all documentation, make reservations, and organize required payments for each shipping sector for which they are responsible.

  • They act on your behalf with numerous other parties involved in shipping, air cargo carriers, any other freight forwarders involved in shipping, and trucking companies.
  • Most freight forwarders provide a customs brokerage service, that is, they are clearing and dispatch agents and can act on your behalf with customs brokers.
  • If something goes wrong or you risk going wrong, freight forwarders step in and fix the problems.

When it comes to working with you, the freight forwarder customer, this is the service to expect:

  • When you first book with a freight forwarder, they will explain what you need to know, for example about key cargo documents and how the shipment will progress. They are the experts and can tell you about anything else you want I like to know about freight.
  • When necessary, they will discuss options and give advice.
  • As the shipment progresses, freight forwarders should keep you informed, especially if at some point the shipment faces a significant risk of delay.

The extent to which it can happen with or without a freight forwarder can be broken down into the following four scenarios.

1. Go alone without a freight forwarder
Many fewer people use travel agents these days, so why not skip the middle man and arrange the shipment yourself or with the help of a customs broker.

This is where the analogy with travel agencies breaks. For most shipments, it is simply not possible to arrange international cargo online with ocean or ocean carriers.

And even if it were possible to do without a freight forwarder, it is a risky game for non-specialists. Many things can go wrong with freight, and they often do. You must cover your bases with transportation insurance.

2. Your supplier's freight forwarder arranges the entire shipment
Your supplier may be a manufacturing or marketing expert, but they will not be cargo experts.

If you have an arrangement with a local freight forwarder that can handle a full international freight shipment, it is unlikely to be a much better deal than you can arrange. When it comes down to it, the provider will look to recoup its costs.

If they pay freight costs, they have little incentive to secure a good rate. That means you will likely pay inflated freight charges.
If they offer a sale / freight package, they are likely to inflate that price.

3. Your supplier's freight forwarder arranges the shipment to the US.
This is a classic trap that sees inexperienced importers fall for it all the time. Many vendors offer to arrange shipping to the US port, if you just add in the local transportation costs, it sounds like a great deal. But there are other costs involved.

This shipping arrangement usually uses one of the incoterms, especially the CIF incoterm. These incoterms have several flaws for an importer, including a common scenario where the importer is held hostage to inflated costs.

4. Hire a freight forwarder to arrange shipment from factory or foreign port
If the thought of wading through four different options seems like too much information, that is precisely why you should let a freight forwarder handle the shipment. You need a partner to take care of it for you. That partner is your international freight forwarder.

Provide the total weight of the shipment. You can probably still survive in pounds, but more and more suppliers and promoters think in kilograms. You can get this information from the packing list.

If your shipment includes a combination of boxes, pallets, etc., you will need to detail how many of each type.

You will need to provide a total cubic volume, also called "CBM". Use this Simple Cubic Meter Calculator . If there is a Total Volume field on a wizard type form, you will probably need to round to the nearest whole number.


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