We facilitate your customs procedures within the current legal framework.

At Logistica OMMS, C.A we recognize the commercial growth of our country, which is why many companies have begun to export and import products of different lines.

Therefore, our goal is to benefit everyone within the current legal framework for customs procedures.

On behalf of our clients and on their behalf we carry out customs clearance procedures for import, export and other customs regimes before the main maritime, land and air customs in Venezuela.

We have the staff to perform any customs service and comply with the requirements of shipping, transportation and that the reception of the products, inside and outside the country is more agile.

We give our commitment to promote commercial relations in our country, through an efficient, fast, and smooth management.


This is the basic function of storage. Surplus products that are not needed immediately can be stored in warehouses. They can be supplied when customers need them.

Price stabilization

Warehouses play an important role in the price stabilization process. It is achieved by creating a utility of time using storage. The fall in the prices of goods when their supply is abundant and the rise in their prices during the low season is avoided.

Sorting and packing

Today, warehouses provide the facilities for packing, processing and sorting goods. Products can be packaged in convenient sizes according to the owner's instructions.

We combine our services to store your merchandise until withdrawal or shipment to final destination

We provide storage for merchandise in transit and any complementary service necessary for the handling, receipt, shipping and control of your cargo. We offer storage service to adjust to your needs.

Frequent questions

Still have unanswered questions?

Regarding the tariff and tax regime, we have two types of deposit:

  • Customs Warehouse: These are spaces where the merchandise can be stored in an unlimited way, the customs duties and taxes being suspended until the time for the merchandise to leave. It is a good option for companies with a medium-low inventory rotation, but in need of having a stock available.
  • Different Customs Warehouse: Also called fiscal warehouse, it is also a warehouse of unlimited time that offers advantages to store imported goods in the EU without having to advance VAT.

These terms should not be confused with the concept of free warehouse or off-site storage, as both can act as DA and DDA.

Warehouses provide safe custody of goods. Perishable products can be kept in cold rooms. By keeping their goods in warehouses, entrepreneurs can minimize losses from damage, fire, theft, etc. Goods stored in the warehouse are generally insured. In the event of loss or damage to the property, the owner of the property can obtain full compensation from the insurance company.


Feel calm. Our solutions provide security for your merchandise.


We look for the best way to expedite your merchandise, the faster you receive it we will be able to prioritize our next requests.


Do you need to know the status of your cargo?
Contact us, we are here to inform you of your merchandise. Our team specializes in keeping track to communicate to you as soon as possible

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