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They are characteristics of our air service, taking into account the convenience of your request. Contact our services by email or by calling our offices for simple instructions on our terms and conditions.

Ship your air cargo without breaking the bottom line by selecting from a wide selection of services to fit your budget

Rather than maintaining our own aviation fleet, we coordinate the services of multiple cargo airlines to get your cargo wherever you need it.

This is the logistical force and the knowledge that Logistica OMMS, C.A provides in all its services. We dive deep into air cargo schedules and have a deep understanding of global freight routes. We research each airline carefully, ensuring they have the skills and resources to keep our customers' items safe from start to finish.

They are two different ways of transporting by air:

  • In the courier mode, our shipment will not be considered merchandise but rather a mail package. It is an ideal option for documents or packages of limited size and weight if you are looking for an urgent transport. However, companies that offer courier transport do not provide a comprehensive logistics service with aspects such as customs clearance, so there may be surprises in shipping such as delays or surcharges.
  • On the other hand, an air cargo shipment made through a logistics or freight forwarder company supposes greater security for the operation because its professional team takes care of all the details.

An air freight is calculated based on the volume of the merchandise, but it is greatly influenced by the availability of physical means (transport) making the required route

  • Air Waybill (AWB): It is the proper and non-negotiable document of the air transport of goods. It travels together with the cargo and serves as proof of delivery of the merchandise that travels on board the plane.
  • Commercial invoice: Document in which the conditions of sale of the goods and their specifications are established. Serves as proof of sale.
  • Packing list: It is a list with the list of contents of a package that completes the information of the invoice and must be issued by the sender.
  • Customs clearance authorization: Document by which an importer or exporter authorizes a customs agent to present one or more customs declarations on his behalf.

It is the rate for the air transport of merchandise. It is calculated based on the volume of the merchandise, but it is greatly influenced by variables such as the availability of physical means (transport) making the required route or the price of fuel at all times.

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