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Let your emergency situation become our business as always. Logistica OMMS, C.A provides the same outstanding performance, coordinated logistics, tracking, and customer service for your ground transportation as it does for your air cargo services. Our shippers are extremely well versed in providing customized, efficient, overnight transportation solutions combined with support and follow-up throughout the entire shipping process.

Bulk cargo transport

Bulk cargo is one that is transported in large quantities without packing or wrapping , where the means of transport itself acts as a container. Both solid and liquid bulk goods require particularly careful stowage to minimize cargo loss.

Heavy load transport

If you have a heavy cargo shipment, this may require equipment such as cranes or lifting platforms to transport it.

Our logistics are trained for this type of merchandise and trained personnel for the operation, guaranteeing that your heavy cargo reaches its destination within the agreed period in complete safety.

Dry cargo transport

When we speak of dry cargo or general cargo in road transport, we refer to merchandise that does not require equipment or special transport conditions . It represents the bulk of the merchandise that is transported by road.

This type of cargo is transported packed or palletized . We can subdivide dry cargo into fractional, when we talk about loose goods with their own packaging such as packages, sacks or boxes; and unitized, when it is composed of articles grouped on pallets or containers.

In any delivery situation, having options and executing a plan is critical to logistics success

That's why Logistica OMMS, C.A's ground freight service is your ideal solution when you have to be there tomorrow, on time. Delivered by road, in a suitable, cost-effective and properly sized vehicle with a driving team - your shipment is the only cargo on board. With no transfers or cross docking, transit time is reduced, the potential for damage is decreased, and your overnight cargo is tracked via satellite to your customer's door, dock or deck.

Los documentos necesarios para el transporte terrestre de mercancías son los siguientes:

  • RBL (Road Bill of Lading): It is a document that confirms the existence of the international road transport contract. It collects the type of merchandise, the origin, the destination, the carrier, the sender and the receiver. In addition, it serves as a receipt for the shipper that he has delivered the goods to the carrier.
  • DGR document: In the case of dangerous goods, this document specifies the type of goods, their classification or UN number and the measures to be taken for their transport and handling.

Among the advantages of road transport are the speed for short and medium distances, flexibility and door-to-door service. The implementation of road logistics is more agile, since it can be adapted to the needs of a specific load and route, and nevertheless allows obtaining a very reasonable price.

The transport of goods by road is governed by the Transport Law of each Country, please contact the advisors so that they kindly indicate the requirements and steps for a correct transport.

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