Quality and performance at the right price

At Logistica OMMS, C.A, we bring quality, this means that you will benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility and deliveries with defined deadlines. Our experience in transportation planning and management allows us to design a solution that meets your needs while responding quickly to any event disruption.

We keep in constant communication the status of the loads that we carry with our clients, if a situation occurs such as adverse weather, additional collections or returns or heavy traffic, we will look for a way to report the status of your load, which means that your merchandise always will be watched.

In addition to this, we always choose the most efficient route, we seek flexibility, accelerated deliveries, less complexity and more security.

Customs Services

We give our commitment to promote commercial relations in our country, through an efficient, fast, and smooth management.

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Cargo Insurance

We provide insurance services to your cargo against any inconvenience in the transport of your merchandise

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Multimodal Transportation

Combined Transport where all the procedures and procedures are carried out by a staff of our work team, streamlining processes and reducing costs and delivery times

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Ground Transport

We take care of the entire journey of your cargo from collection to takeoff, landing and delivery to its final destination.

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Sea Freight

Ocean freight is the last to be loaded and the first to be unloaded, reducing transshipment times and risk.

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Air Freight

Ship your air cargo without breaking the bottom line by selecting from a wide selection of services to fit your budget

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Warehousing Services

Keep your cargo safe until you can transport it to its final destination.

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Freight Services

Our agents are at your service for any cargo service you need, supporting you in the documentation and logistics of your request.

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Feel calm. Our solutions provide security for your merchandise.


We look for the best way to expedite your merchandise, the faster you receive it we will be able to prioritize our next requests.


Do you need to know the status of your cargo?
Contact us, we are here to inform you of your merchandise. Our team specializes in keeping track to communicate to you as soon as possible

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